Aha! I finally understand our recent ECONOMIC COLLAPSE

MONOPOLY in the marketplace:  the return of feudalism

MONOPOLY in the marketplace: the return of feudalism  (Wikimedia: Fir0002)

I’ve been perplexed since 2008, unable to comprehend what happened to alter the arena of commerce so badly as to be no longer recognizable. Now comes an article which has thoroughly opened my eyes to something I’ve long suspected, but couldn’t quite explain to myself. (The article is a bit long, but worthy of your consideration.) It articulates how voters and elected representatives alike have been seduced by a false premise, posing as a FREE MARKET – but aggressively buying up the competition. This commercial coup has emerged as vast monopolies in nearly every sector. What we have today, as a result, is a new feudalism where competition has been eliminated by politicians cooperating with big capital.

I’ve been pondering this recent pratfall while reading a new book belatedly titled The Fourth Revolution which comes from pedigreed talent at The Economist magazine – (my review of the above book is linked at Amazon, and your votes are coveted). But the pair of  authors has missed it. The revolution wasn’t even televised! Young people world-over have inherited not a serious recession, but a long term depression, even for those who might find jobs. It’s time to take back the marketplace. Ralph Nader has a new book about opposite sides working together to take it back; but that may be a long wait.