Book Review

A project of breathtaking beauty and insight.

What an amazing project this American journalist who is a practicing Jew has hatched and nurtured!  He moved from Brooklyn to Israel in 1982, became an Israeli citizen, and sought dialog with open-minded, devout believers from the three Abrahamic faiths (Jewish, Muslim, Christian) for fellowship, and learning — even risking visits to a Sufi sheik’s mosque in Gaza.  

The book was originally released in New York on September 11, 2001, and immediately vanished in the chaos of that day.  Harper Perennial has re-introduced it this year.  Krista Tippet, host of public radio’s weekly, On Being, calls it “One of the most important spiritual memoirs of our time.”  Not to be missed!

The author’s journalistic skill, observational power, and clarity of language make this telling into an ineffable blessing for his readers.  The beauty of his honest engagement with his chosen candidates brought tears to my eyes several times.  Anyone interested in faith, peace, humanity, will find hope in this moving work.  (Thanks to the Divine Librarian for placing this volume into my hands!)