Photo by PATRICK SEMANSKY / AP / from TheAtlantic, online (fair use)

Standby, ProudBoys ?   Scary, and desperate !

This bear, “Putin’s puppy” is now cornered in his cave, and he will do anything to remain in office rather than risk a New York prison sentence, including inviting social meltdown. (It is likely that he will soon be indicted by NY DA, Cyrus Vance, Jr, and/or NY Attorney General, Leticia James.)

He is suspected of so much fraud in New York State that he knows his only safe perch is the White House.  (He can’t commute a NY sentence from there, but he might forestall arrest.)  And we can imagine that he cares zero about whomever might be harmed in the process of retaining his cushy fortress, as he calls for chaos in the streets. 

We watched as the Soviet Union collapsed in the blink of an eye.  Get ready for an instant replay invited by an unstable dunce who can’t restrain himself long enough to honor debating rules to which he agreed — someone without a conscience, according to his co-author for The Art of the Deal.

Pulitzer-winning journalist Nick Kristof said: “The second way in which Trump damaged our country was by seeding further doubts about the election. He served as a mouthpiece for Russian-style propaganda about the illegitimacy of American democracy and laid the groundwork for postelection upheaval and violence. Here’s what Trump said: “As far as the ballots are concerned, it’s a disaster …. This is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen …. It’s a rigged election.”

So, Trump, who urged voters in North Carolina to vote twice – and such urging is a felony, as is voting twice – complains about the rigging of our election which he himself has rigged!  The man is unAmerican!  I call upon honest Republicans to denounce him before he corrupts our democracy! — before this captain sinks the ship of state while attempting to save himself!  So much for his “law & order” claims. He’s a felon on the run.

Costa Concordia. Foto by Horacio Arevalo, Wikimedia Commons, IMG_0263, 12 February 2012