REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

It’s truly shocking when a nominee for such high office has no governing experience.  Yes, in business Donald Trump gets what he wants — he is the supreme authority in his businesses, and on his TV show. But do we really want a dictator for president?  For a reality check, here’s a list of the TEN WORST DICTATORS. Will we need to call him Supreme Commander, or even worse – Lord of the land? Can’t we fire him lest we accidentally elect him?  (See comments; there is more than one alternative!)


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  1. “The modern state, which has been around for about 400 years, is really just another data-processing machine. The philosopher Thomas Hobbes, writing in 1651, called it an “automaton” (or what we would call a robot). Its robotic quality is the source of its power and also its heartlessness: states don’t have a conscience, which is what allows them sometimes to do the most fearful things. ”
    ¶ The evangelical church in US doesn’t seem to get it, that putting a dictator in charge of the state is dangerous. There is a rumor circulating among them that Trump has been ‘saved.’ But where’s the evidence in his testimony? “The tree is known by its fruit” said Jesus. Yes, James Dobson of Focus on the Family, says he knows somebody who said Trump is saved, but the account seems very bizarre: http://www.christianpost.com/news/prosperity-preacher-paula-white-billy-graham-donald-trump-prophetic-word-bible-159092/
    ¶ And here’s another: https://caffeinatedthoughts.com/2016/06/donald-trump-salvation-james-dobson/

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