Chicken Little was right: the sky is falling!


This might be an important book. Here’s a quick sketch, with a link to a review, below:¬†Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World¬†by Timothy¬†Morton is a book of quasi-popular philosophy (hope you’ve at least skimmed¬†your Heidegger and Kant) about the very big things that have come to dominate¬†human existence: cancer, global warming, radionuclides, petrochemicals. Morton¬†is the head of the English department at Rice University and a leader in the field¬†of object-oriented ontology, affectionately known as OOO, a relatively recent¬†philosophical movement that declares the human being just one thing among¬†many things. Human consciousness, for OOO true believers, isn’t all that special,¬†even if we are a thing that can write epic poems, perform Bach concertos, and run¬†a mean pick-and-roll. REVIEW.