IMG_1945Photo by Vivian Hai, at Photobucket

I’m a big fan of editorial cartoons by Tom Toles of Washington Post, and visit his ‘toons and his blog daily. Today he has a simple observation about democracy in USA. I’ve contributed a comment about our loss, which jumps to a link with a short essay¬†about email privacy and press freedom which is deeply troubling. It has to do with our NEW OWNERS.

Big Money has taken over, and they now claim to own all of our private spaces! The essay linked above reports a stunning fact about our lost privacy. If we can’t communicate with each other in private, are we still citizens of a free nation? How do we get Big Money back into its container? Clearly, NSA does the bidding of the One Percent. And they won’t let us talk in private anymore. The article repeats this observation several times:¬†If the public knew what the government was doing, the government wouldn‚Äôt be allowed to do it anymore.

Who knew? I’ve never heard of Ladar Levison, have you? Obviously our own government doesn’t trust us anymore, which is why they’ve stuffed a rag down Levison’s throat. We need to discuss this with each other, in private, (maybe not by email). Our conversation will surely touch on considerations written about in Why America Failed. The same author has a new title about why he moved to Mexico.