Markets and more

IMG_0775Mexican pizza with cornmeal crust, top and bottom. Kids here are told they are made of corn. Could be!

A few weeks ago we went on a market tour of the main market in downtown Merida. And this morning our friend Butch took us to a big flea market near the city jail, that a maid at the hotel told him about last year. (Take a bus marked Penal Directo south from c.58 – or 60? – we drove – early Sunday morning; it’s just a bit south of the east end of the airport runway, right across from the prison.)


Habanero chilis Habanero chilis at the main market

Bananas arriving

Bananas arriving at main market

Flea market melons

WaWaMelon Man, at the flea market. We bought an entire melon for 20 pesos. (About $1.60 usd.)