On Worship. (Corny me.)


Oink if you love Ah-mun!   Amen?

We went to Ticul with our friend Pat recently. The town, about an hour from Merida, is famous for ceramics, leatherwork, and crafts. I was delighted with some of the work, which was very affordable. It got me pondering the many and varied approaches to worship; and the arrogance of those who are so certain of our own righteousness.

So many denominations assert an orthodoxy (“true teaching”). And physicists spin their wheels imagining multiverses. Yet it seems arguable that there can be only one reality. ONE is a hallmark of many approaches to worship and reality. I often add an additional descriptor to my personal position: nondual Christian heretic. (Nondual means “not two.” Even so, these words yield many varieties of practice.

While I readily identify as a nominal Christian, albeit a heretic – no longer sitting in pews (nor conducting organized worship anymore), I often add the word heretic to my claim, as Jesus himself was a heretic. He was regarded as an outsider by those in the hierarchy of the Temple Cult. He didn’t found an organized religion. Indeed, he toppled a false version of one, replacing it with a one-on-one relationship with the Divine. This can’t be organized, in my view. It can only be honored (or dishonored) by private practice.

A man I don’t know, but admire, has a cd which bespeaks this attitude, titled Audience of One, which I’ve enjoyed listening to several times over. (While I doubt he would have described himself as i do, perhaps we share a perspective.) And here’s another guy with a compelling approach, although not necessarily nondual – but open minded.

I realize that these words will probably attract some who might be describable as christian taliban, so comments will probably get turned off quickly on this post. (Sorry if I’ve offended anyone.) The Maya teach their children that we are all made of corn. And they have a saying here: In La’kesh  – “I am another you.” Be kind to yourself!