COPS know how to protest without getting hurt.  It’s called Blue Flu.  A Guardian article focusing on the historic futility of street protests makes it clear that risking safety has accomplished little, as governments allow the public to vent, up to a point.  And then heads get busted, and people are damaged for life, or die.  But there is another way : Just stay home. Call in sick. Sit on your hands. Slow down. >>> This is powerful.  The wisdom of crowds should be to work smart instead of hard or dangerously.  Investing our energy where it has the most leverage and the least risk will win.  We the People have a hammer.  With it, we can restore democracy.  Use it skillfully, gently, wisely.

Photo from Crucible Tool (fair use)


Cartoon by Horsey, Seattle Times, (fair use)


. . . [P]lanning to defeat a coup can actually help reduce the chances of attempts to overthrow democracy since plotters are likely to think again if they know the public is well prepared. In addition, power grabs tend to succeed or fail in a matter of weeks or months. Scholars such as the political scientist Stephen Zunes, who studied a dozen attempted coups around the world since 1958, have shown that opposition forces that did not prepare for a coup often lost valuable time building alliances and mobilizing for action subsequently. Advance preparation often made a decisive difference in defeating coup attempts.  [¶]  Here are some of the steps those who wish to defend democracy should take in the weeks we have left before the election . . . [CLICK BLUE LINK to The GUARDIAN article]  :


Strike !!!   (Excerpt):

There has not been a general strike in the United States since 1946 – and that was restricted to Oakland, California .[ ¶ } The local labor federation in Rochester, New York, was the first union group to officially support the idea. Union federations in Seattle and in western Massachusetts have followed suit, approving resolutions saying a general strike should be considered if Trump seeks to subvert the election outcome.  Source:  https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/30/us-unions-general-strike-election-trump-biden-victory