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‚ÄúLADY LIBERTY‚ÄĚ ¬† A.I.-generated portrait, by Bas Uterwijk (fair use)

Dear Reader,

Digits are ephemeral. ¬†I’ve lost two recent blogposts¬†which I posted last week, before¬†migrating my site to a new host,. ¬†The photos are easy to repost, but the writing seems to be gone. ¬†As exceedingly unlikely as it might be, maybe somebody out there filed the text of either of these posts? ¬†One was titled FILM REVIEW: ¬†A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood; (posted July 27) and the other was titled ¬†¬Ņ¬Ņ What is Liberty ?? ¬†(posted July 31). ¬†If you happen to have either of them, I would be most grateful to hear from you in the comment section, or at my personal email, if you have it. ¬†(If you don’t wish to see your name in print, simply say so, as I can keep your response private.) ¬†Note to anyone who might need to migrate a WordPress site: ¬†Recent drafts are fugitive, and will be abandoned during transit!

If you’ve passed up this film, thinking it’s sappy, smarmy, kids-stuff, you’ve missed a gem about a true encounter between a hardboiled journalist and a PBS children’s entertainer which is subtly powerful. ¬†An acquaintance who worked with Fred Rogers at the TV studio encouraged me also to read the cover article from Esquire magazine which hatched the film. ¬†I did, and it’s quite good.

(Still hoping to find the original blogposts)