OBLIVION, the movie

OBLIVION, with Tom Cruise. It’s very much a movie about working for The Machine. I won’t elaborate the story further, other than to say that the RottenTomato score is seriously off on this one, giving it only a middling rating. This is not a “dark” movie. Beautifully filmed, well-paced, solid performances. I can certainly see why Cruise bought the rights to the graphic novel from whence the story originates (considering his denominational worldview, and its origin myths) – but then, I could care less about his “theology”.

Considering the NSA revelations about our own gov’t spying on us, repeatedly lying to FISA Court, hounding journalists (“Journalism is not terrorism!”), keeping secrets under penalty of death — while citizens are denied the liberty of unbreakable encryption to secure our own private spaces — this really surpasses The Matrix, and I Robot in many respects. Stimulating storytelling.

Wake up America! — if you’re up for an honest challenge, view OBLIVION and then read WHY AMERICA FAILED by Morris Berman. Much in both products to ponder!

OBLIVION, a movie starring Tom Cruise as Jack Harpur.


  1. Well, we saw this when we were last in Mérida, and in Spanish with no subtitles. We understood very little of the dialogue , but it wasn’t really necessary. Although Alan loves sci-fi thrillers, I could not care less. What kept me interested was not the plot, but trying desperately to catch a word or phrase I could translate. NOT the best way to learn español. (;D

  2. Been there, John, and know what it feels like. Language is so subtle. Being an outsider is like being an infant again. Frustrating, no? Helps me understand why those little people cry so easily. But it gives us a good incentive to learn the magic words which enable us to get stuff done.

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