A Philosopher asks: DOES GOD EXIST?


I’ve long been deeply interested in reality. I don’t care much about political correctness, or about social¬†niceties: “just the facts.” A favorite children’s story which I caused my parents to visit numberless times is The Emperor’s New Clothes. Awkward issues don’t generally stall me; so I’m delighted to share a newly minted article here from the journal Philosophy Now which argues compellingly for the existence of God, written by Professor William Lane Craig. If you enjoy this essay, you might also find¬†this book by Alvin Platinga of interest. For those who want something lighter on the topic, a movie by Ben Stein,¬†EXPELLED ¬†is fun and stimulating.


4 thoughts on “A Philosopher asks: DOES GOD EXIST?

  1. Interesting post by Briggs, Daly. But we must remember how severely “the church” repressed learning back in the day when it “owned” education. The university professors where right to remove the fetters and launch “the enlightenment.” But Voltaire, Dawkins, et al, have become fundamentalists of sorts in their own over-reaction, in my view.

    Here are two reviews (written by me) of Chopra books which speak to this topic:



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