BIG BROTHER SEES ALL: google glass

Social networking is about to get scary and weird. Like the eyes of a fly, human society is about to merge all imaging signals together. Here’s a report from Creative Good. What would George Orwell say? BEWARE!

Above photo by Antonio Zugaldia, Wikimedia Commons

Compound eye records multiple images for reassembly by brain.

And HERE’s a link to an electron microscope zooming onto the lenses of a fly’s eye.




3 thoughts on “BIG BROTHER SEES ALL: google glass

  1. I saw a TV spot on Google Glass a couple of weeks ago. It’s a little exciting and a lot scary that someone can photo or video another person without them having a clue. I love new technology and am amazed at what has been created in my lifetime. I’ve always hoped that someone would be able to figure out how to “beam me Scotty” so that I could be transported to whatever wonderful place I desired, without the hassle of driving or flying. I don’t think it will happen…

  2. John,
    Prompted by your comment, I’ve added a few visuals to this post. Yes, the tech developments in our lifetime have been stunning. But what will come from information excesses when we are all spying on each other? Maybe the world will merely be seen as an expansive telenovela, but then, maybe information will be gamed by opportunists, to the detriment of the majority. Asking Scotty for an exit path might be highly desirable.

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