¬ŅComing to a Neighborhood Near You?

"The BOMB"

“The BOMB”

The law of unintended consequences wants to argue that sh¬°t happens. History shows us that it has. ¬ŅBut is it history if it’s been kept locked up? Who knew about all these bomb incidents?

After ¬†enlisting ¬†(I was drafted, but joined to beat the draft, and stay out of Vietnam), I was sent to Spain. I learned after arriving that the US had lost¬†three 70 kiloton nuclear bombs over Spain. ‚Äď one fell in the ocean, and was never¬†recovered. Now I learn that there was also a total meltdown in Morocco, which was kept secret. And it gets worse,¬†according to this hair-raising report from Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. (If you want to read about the bombs lost in Spain, click here.)

In the words of Fats Waller, One nevah knows, do one?