DEAR SENATOR SANDERS, I supported you…


Dear Senator Sanders:



Have you forgotten, Bernie?  Just prior to the Democratic convention in summer 2016, WikiLeaks handed you the smoking gun : nearly 20,000 emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) proving that there had been wholesale cheating to rig the nomination, “coronating” Hillary, even before the initial kick-off.  Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was “replaced” — translation :  thrown under the bus to protect the bus owner’s enterprise.

So, you could have stood up at the convention and demanded from the podium that Hillary stand down, for cheating.  Instead you choked.  You apparently worried you would become “the goat” if you lost to Trump.  You blew it.  No do-over, sorry.  (You know this, Senator.)

YOUR WORDS ,  BERN, at the convention — “By these measures, any objective observer will conclude that – based on her ideas and her leadership – Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States. The choice is not even close.”  You endorsed a cheater, and she lost. You coulda beat him, populist versus  populist, Bern, but you choked.

Bernie, you didn’t have the courage to own the possibility of a loss to Trump.  And now, you are about to repeat the same mistake by spliting the vote, thereby handing the nomination to Joe Biden.  It’s time to do the right thing.  If you don’t stand aside, Sleepy Joe Biden, the man who gave us Clarence Thomas, will be the instant replay of Hillary’s loss — Obama’s Secretary of State, and next, Obama’s Veep?  Don’t even go there, man!

Get real, Senator.  By dividing the nominating pie with Elizabeth Warren, you are giving the nod to Biden, a Wall Street pushover, a corporate puppet. History will not smile on you.  (And if DNC runs Biden, I will stay home, since merely defeating Trump is not an adequate goal.)  Instead, we need real leadership from someone with courage and heart and vision, someone who has surrounded herself with the sharpest mind’s in the nation.  Biden is over the hill.  Trump will dine on his bones.  Nostalgia for Obama’s days will not Make America Great Again.

But Trump will have a much harder time bullying a woman, especially someone as quick on her feet as Senator Warren.  Voters will pummel him for bullying her — someone he’s actually afraid of — as are the banksters she has intimidated.  But Joke Biden would be an easy target for Trump. 

Bern, I donated to your campaign, I made calls for you, I wrote letters to friends and wrote blogposts for readers.  Smell the coffee Bern. You must stand down, Senator. (Hey,  thanks for making such a huge contribution to American political thought!)  But now it’s time to pass the torch to someone unafraid of owning the possibility of a loss.  She will dance around Goliath and sting him down, as could a yellow jacket.  Yes, she can win, Bernie.  And you missed your chance.  Now get out of the way, and allow real leadership to flourish.  Don’t make the same mistake twice!


Speaking of what a woman can get done, she points towards Francis Perkins, FDR’s Secretary of Labor (the very first woman cabinet member) :

“So, what did one woman — one very persistent woman, backed up by millions of people across this country — get done?” Warren said. “Social Security. Unemployment insurance. Abolition of child labor. Minimum wage. The right to join a union. Even the very existence of the weekend.”

Channeling her own campaign slogans, she added: “Big, structural change. One woman, and millions of people to back her up.”  

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6 thoughts on “DEAR SENATOR SANDERS, I supported you…

  1. I sent her a check. She cashed said check, I’ll send her another next month. I voted for Sanders in the Ohio Primary, I’ll not this time just because he did not get out of the way when it was general election time; well maybe not “just”. . .

    I double free collage is practical. Being able to discharge debt in bankruptcy is a regular prerogative for most debt, Federal taxes and school loans being the major exceptions. student loans need to drop off that short list. The school loan industry is awash in moral hazard in that there is no risk in loaning money to eighteen year olds. Mrs. Warren understands moral hazard.
    She is not by any standard a war monger-a big plus in an age where we are put up to be every tin pot dictator’s buddy.
    I think she and this is the most important factor, to be a real grownup. A common thing in the real world but not so common in the political class.
    Yes, I’ll send the lady more money next month.


    Biden is correct that the [incarceration] surge began in the 1970s and accelerated in the 1980s, but a closer look at his role reveals that it was Biden who was among the principal and earliest movers of the policy agenda that would become the war on drugs and mass incarceration, and he did so in the face of initial reluctance from none other than President Ronald Reagan. Indeed, Reagan even vetoed a signature piece of Biden legislation, which he drafted with arch segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, to create a federal “drug czar.”


  3. HEADS UP, JOE-BIDEN SUPPORTERS !!! (from Ezra Klein, VOX) :

    “In 2016, Bernie Sanders famously refused to attack Clinton’s emails in the debates. “The American people are sick and tired about hearing about your damn emails,” he said to applause. The result was that rather than Democrats realizing how damaging that story was — and how ineffective Clinton was at putting it to rest — during the primary, they found that out in the general election. And yes, the media deserves the blame for the coverage decisions, but Democrats can’t simply assume the media won’t make the same mistakes in 2020. The lesson of Clinton’s emails is that unfair smears can help Donald Trump get elected.”

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