Rob Rogers cartoon. (fair use)

The BIBLE says All people from Crete are liars. (Titus 1:12)   But can we believe it without starting by asking a few questions, like why should I believe your response?

¬†Washington Post has been keeping track of ¬†“our Leader’s” long nose. ¬†They report that his average of 17 lies per day during his term in office is rising as the election draws near, now approaching 50 per day in recent weeks. ¬†Surely you believe his statement depicted above? ¬†(He has promised to show us his healthcare plan for about four years; and his tax returns ‚Äď so voters might know if his debt of $421 million includes exposure to foreign governments.)

For those interested in the a history of lying, philosopher Sissela Bok has written a fine book titled LYING : Moral Choice in Public Life

Click the following link if you’re interested in more of the Prez.of Lies’ graphic scorecard: