Rob Rogers cartoon. (fair use)

The BIBLE says All people from Crete are liars. (Titus 1:12)   But can we believe it without starting by asking a few questions, like why should I believe your response?

 Washington Post has been keeping track of  “our Leader’s” long nose.  They report that his average of 17 lies per day during his term in office is rising as the election draws near, now approaching 50 per day in recent weeks.  Surely you believe his statement depicted above?  (He has promised to show us his healthcare plan for about four years; and his tax returns – so voters might know if his debt of $421 million includes exposure to foreign governments.)

For those interested in the a history of lying, philosopher Sissela Bok has written a fine book titled LYING : Moral Choice in Public Life

Click the following link if you’re interested in more of the Prez.of Lies’ graphic scorecard: