POEM : : TaxMan, SuperHero

Illustration by John Royle. Fair use. johnroyleart dot com

For when I’m elected Philosopher-King:

TaxMan, SuperHero

Birthing a baby: pay the tax.
Buying a home: pay the tax.
Burying a family member: pay the tax.
Shopping for groceries: pay the tax.
Every transaction is taxed immediately,
By phone debit.  No more paper money!
Lost your phone? Login to transact.
Cashing your paycheck: NO TAX.
Depositing your earnings: NO TAX.
Reporting your income: DON’T BOTHER.
Selling your home, car, stuff: NO TAX.
Imagine there’s NO TAX. You can do it if you try.
Those who spend the most money pay the most tax!
All school districts get equal per-capita grants per student!
“One nation, under TaxMan, with liberty and justice for all.”
Only WE, the people, can prevent tax cheating by the rich and powerful!
NOTE:  “GOLDEN BILLION”  abusers like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump would hate this plan of taxing all money instantly when it is spent, as it would end tax shelters and tax havens of the elites.  Suddenly there would be a level playing field for everybody!  And the underground economy would end, aside from trading by barter.  Honest exchange would rule.