from the website of the President of the Russian Federation licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution 4.0  via Wikimedia Commons.  June 2019

Robert Reich asks a powerful question about our nation:  

Who’s the pinko in the striped tie, and why is Putin smirking?  If you recall much about American history, you will remember an era when Senator Joe McCarthy was rabid about evicting communists from our government and our society.  McCarthy’s mentor and bulldog, Roy Cohn, later became a disbarred lawyer, and Donald Trump’s mentor;  yet the game has changed, and Trump is in bed with them now.  There’s even a scary movie, worth watching, based on a Trump quote: Where’s my Roy Cohn?


Reich’s essay is also worth pondering.  Whenever nations idolize a leader, they are often inclined to fail shortly thereafter, especially if said leader has divided the citizenry.  America, BEWARE.

“REVERED LEADERS”             Whitehouse photo, via Wikimedia Commons.