The Healing Power of Story

So, what's your story?

So, what’s your story?

It’s not where you live, or work, or study, but the stories you tell yourself that determine who you are – that shape your character, and then come alive in your daily experience. An article in TIME magazine argues that storytelling is a most important life skill. How do we acquire this vital skill? Do tell! (I found the book below to be very instructive some years ago.) One of my persistently favorite storytellers has been CS Lewis, who’s work runs the gamut from fantasy to criticism. And his own life story which details his transition from atheist to Christian believer, is worth reading, too. 


3 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Story

  1. As a student of social phenomena, I find the link below intriguing (while not telling me anything new). The power of story remains deeply significant, and much ignored. We are all story generators and consumers while being somewhat oblivious to this trait. We interpret stories and tell ourselves stories in an effort to grasp reality. (I’ve not viewed the video, confining myself solely to the written report.)

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