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Sept 18. Mother Jones has now obtained the full video of Trump’s deposition [from Trump University suit]

When Forge asked, “Do you believe you have one of the best memories in the world?”  Trump replied, “That I can’t tell you.” Forge noted that Trump had previously stated he indeed possessed one of the best memories in the world and referenced an NBC News report from the previous month in which Trump had declared he had “the world’s greatest memory.” Trump said, “I don’t remember that.”  Here it is [on tape, in his own words, and more] . . . Scroll to paragraph /video titled Trump’s Memory: Best in World then click to play.  Watch his eyes.



A M E R I C A ,  Y O U   B L E W    I T   !!!

For months I listened (and disagreed) while so many thinking friends said that Elizabeth Warren is sharp, respectable, cares deeply about justice for the middle class, but couldn’t beat Trump.

And then we saw her take down the $60-billion dollar man, Mike Bloomberg, in a NY-minute.  Rarely has there been such a devastating bout on a political stage.  Watch the one-minute segment below, and tell me that she wasn’t the ideal candidate to face Trump, the one-billion dollar blow-hard.

And what are we left with?  Two tired old white guys, one of whom can’t remember what he did in the past (Joe Biden); and the other, Bernie Sanders, who is too polite to confront his old friend, Joe.

So, what was it that caused this failure on the part of American voters?  — “unvarnished sexism” — according to Amanda Marcotti, of Salon.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I wish we would all get real.



Robert Reich has produced a punchy video on “electability” to counter propaganda coming from Wall Street, favoring centrists.  He makes some compelling arguments in this six minute clip.  But by failing to endorse either of the two (Warren, or Sanders) he leaves the problem raw, which will cause failure for either of his faves, resulting in his (and my) worst fear: nominating a boring centrist who can’t win. (I addressed this problem boldly, earlier.)

For Dem primary voters who are nervous about charges of “socialism” you might find this history of that issue in USA of interest.  Hey, socialism is who we are as a species, along with ants and bees.  But communism is another critter, and Trump seems to love his commie buddies, Putin and the gang in Russia.  Go figure, America!