H e e e e r e ‘s    D O N N Y  ! ! ! . . .

Maybe we should feel sorry for him?  All those hours he spent as a teenager studying the life and career of Johnny Carson, and modeling himself after that man’s wit and presence. Yes, Johnny was fun; and kids long for role models. This kid even became a reality-TV star.  Yet I would argue that he’s a misfit for his current position, with severely limited leadership and business skills.  He has failed as a leader, calling a pandemic “a hoax which will disappear soon”, instead resulting in the deaths of over 200,000 Americans — that’s like 66 attacks of 9/11!

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And then there’s THE PRESIDENT’S TAXES, a story from the front page of New York Times, telling how the man has failed as a businessman, but succeeded in bilking real taxpayers out of more than $72 million in a tax refund, for failing!  Here’s a quote from the first few lines of the article, and a link

From the back seat of a stretch limousine heading to meet the first contestants for his new TV show “The Apprentice,” Donald J. Trump bragged that he was a billionaire who had overcome financial hardship.
     “I used my brain, I used my negotiating skills and I worked it all out,” he told viewers. “Now, my company is bigger than it ever was and stronger than it ever was.”
     It was all a hoax.
     Months after that inaugural episode in January 2004, Mr. Trump filed his individual tax return reporting $89.9 million in net losses from his core businesses for the prior year. The red ink spilled from everywhere, even as American television audiences saw him as a savvy business mogul with the Midas touch.


Note: this photo is not from NYTimes, and I can’t find out about it, but it looks troubling to me, yet it could be innocent.  Don’s friend, Jeffrey Epstein, might know more, but he’s no longer on the planet to explain.
When someone shows you who they are, believe them; the first time.  ~Maya  Angelou

Don’s a killer. His father taught him there are only 2 choices: killer, or king

Don’t rehire a failed CEO !!!

Official Presidential Portrait, Government Printing Office, 2017


Twitter @realDonaldTrump, Nov27, 2019  (fair use)  TheGuardian

False Prophet

Excerpts from The Atlantic, by McKay Coppins, April 15 2020:

On February 28, Donald Trump stood before a crowd of supporters in South Carolina and told them to pay no attention to the growing warnings of a coronavirus outbreak in America. The press was “in hysteria mode,” the president said. The Democrats were playing politics. This new virus was nothing compared with the seasonal flu—and anyone who said otherwise was just trying to hurt him. “This is their new hoax,” Trump proclaimed, squinting out from behind a podium adorned with the presidential seal.

Six weeks later, the coronavirus has killed more than 25,000 Americans, the U.S. economy has been crippled—and Trump is recasting himself as a pandemic prophet. At Monday’s White House briefing, the president responded to questions about his handling of the crisis by dimming the lights and playing an Orwellian campaign-style video: “THE MEDIA MINIMIZED THE RISK FROM THE START,” the onscreen text read, “WHILE THE PRESIDENT TOOK DECISIVE ACTION.”

This flagrant recasting of recent events wasn’t a fluke. For the past several months, I’ve been reporting on the “disinformation architecture that Trump’s coalition of partisan media, propagandists, operatives, and trolls are relying on [ . . .]   “I knew it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic,” the president boasted last month. “I knew everything,” he reiterated a couple of weeks later. Asked to assess his response to the virus, he responded emphatically, “I’d rate it at 10.”  [. . .more. . .]


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